Fire! Fire!

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As soon as I got to the ground, she was on me with one question after another.
“Didn’t you smell the smoke?”
“Yes, but not right away.”
“Didn’t you see the fire?”

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There were puddles on the dirt path to the yogwan where we would spend the night. I tried to keep the mud off my shoes. Morgan could have cared less about the mud. Her eyes were on what was ahead. I felt guilty. Even though I was high, the Catholic in me inventoried the sins I’d committed and was about to commit. At the front desk, an ajumoni – hair dyed jet...

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Adem He was born at a time when men still remembered the occupying Nazi Army with fondness. His father and his father’s brothers had collaborated, but no one talked of that now. On his mother’s side, the family kept the memory of the diaspora to Turkey alive. Though they prospered among the ruins of the Turkish Empire – eating Turkish, speaking...

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When I was in grade school, I was in fear that someone who wasn’t my mother would steal into my room at night. This thought scared the hell out of me and often prevented sleep.

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