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For the cats with the cases and shades

Back of the bus and bottom of the bin

Cheap as remainders in a CD pile

Paid shit. Smoke shit. Treated the same.

These cats –

Black, brown, yellow, red, white

All mixed up in rainbow sound

From W.C. Handy on down to Cassandra Wilson

Sleeping the day into night

Playing hard to make the rent.


For these poor top fortyless bastards

Enmeshed in rhythm and blues and imagination

Slave to sound and syncopation

Penniless, guileless, open to the world

Hoping for the main chance

Knowing it won’t come


For you poor sidemen in the symphony of power


Said to be too out there to make sense

Stand upright and be counted


You cats make babies dance

And old folks smile young into their drinks

You tell stories that sing out in the air and then disappear

You serve without obsequy

Each note a blessing

You cats walk the world in different beats

With your ax in hand, your soul in harmony

Thank you – for accepting me.


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  1. This one started out so sad(ly), and all I could think of was Sirius Radio and Christian McBride and all the jazz interviews that keep these artists alive (and how much I love them). And then I read the last stanza. It made me happy!


    August 1, 2016

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