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Christmas in Dhahran

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We were not yet married a year when we touched down in the fall of 1972 in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. We were in debt and we were pregnant. A baby in the new year in Saudi Arabia! How exotic! How full of problems our lives would become! But we didn’t know it that Christmas. We were young, in love, and open to the future. Marilynn would look after the baby. I would teach English to the Royal Saudi Air Force recruits I met six days a week, off Fridays, and we would repay our student loan debt. Our social circle was quite small, a grad school...

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I Saw Two Big Men with Mustaches

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“There were two of them, upstairs. They were fighting and I was afraid. I went back to my room and tried to sleep, but then I got up again. This guy was out in the hallway and he told me to go back to my room or else…”

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With the Ambassador

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The British Virgin Islands are uncommonly beautiful. The harbor at St. John is usually filled with graceful yachts, the lines of their masts clinking rhythmically as they bob at their moorings.

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To A Friend

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I gave up my friend’s life yesterday. She was more than fourteen and a half years old.

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